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Life in the 1960s – in pictures


Let us take you back to the ’60s with this collection of rare and memorable pictures. See the past of your favorite places and people, immerse in the not so lost history and experience the path we all took to get where we are now. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride through time and space!

The world of tomorrow… today at Disneyland in ’66

source: reddit

A magical world, full of galaxies to be conquered, rocket ships to be explored, where the future is coming to life today and everything is possible. That’s how Tomorrowland, Disney’s view of the future looked like in 1986. Walt Disney and his crew thought that Americans would be traveling in high-speed mass transit vehicles, and everyone will be watching their favorite shows in 3D in a couple of years. The park meant to be “the factual and scientific exposition of things to come,” a crossover between fun and education. When dedicating Tomorrowland to the future, he was talking about the fact that the new area of the park will be a glance into a world of unbelievable ideas, a testament to mankind’s achievements, a step into the future, to show where we are heading to.